10 Questions to Ask at a Job Interview

job interview questions to ask, what should you ask at a job interview, photo of interviewDon’t miss this chance to learn more about the job!

A job interview is very important opportunity along your career path. An interview means that the employer is seriously considering you for the position. It’s your chance to show the employer what you can offer to them. And remember, it’s also your chance to see if the job is a good fit for you. To find out if this is a job you want, you should bring a list of questions with you. This is your chance to get to know more about the employer and more about the exact job position. Coming prepared with questions also shows the employer that you took the time to prepare for the interview.

The Harris School of Business’s Career Services department offers an array of tips to help you find a job. This article focuses on the questions you should bring to an interview. Your list of questions will depend on the job itself. Read the job description carefully, and figure out if you have any further questions about your job responsibilities. Read the company’s website, and think about questions you might want to ask about the organization’s history or mission. Find out what you can about the department where you will work. Think of what additional information you might want to know.

Below is a list of sample questions that can help get you thinking about the types of questions you want to ask during your job interview.

  1. What are the qualities that you look for in a successful employee here?
  2. Of the responsibilities shown in the job description, what are the most important ones?
  3. How is the department organized? Who would be my supervisor?
  4. How do you handle scheduling? How far in advance would I know my schedule?
  5. What are the typical working hours? Are overtime hours expected?
  6. Would I receive orientation or on-the-job training?
  7. How would I be evaluated?
  8. How would you describe this department? What are its strengths? Is it facing any challenges?
  9. What changes do you anticipate in the next five years?
  10. What would you describe as the best parts of working here?

When you prepare your own list, be sure to print it out and bring it with you. Even if you think you can wing it, it’s better to have the list with you. Most people get nervous during interviews, and may forget the questions they wish to ask.

Questions Not to Ask at a Job Interview
A job interview is the first step in the job hiring process. It is NOT the time to ask about the details of salary, vacation, or other benefits. Those questions can come after a job offer is made. Be sure to avoid asking these questions at a job interview:

  • Do not ask: How much do I get paid?
  • Do not ask: What are the benefits?
  • Do not ask: Will I get paid vacation?
  • Do not ask: How fast can I get promoted?
  • Do not ask: How much time off do I get?
  • Do not ask: Did I get the job?

These questions should be reserved for after you get a job offer. That is your chance to negotiate your pay and benefits package. But remember, they are not appropriate during the interview.

With this advice, we hope you are better prepared to bring a useful set of questions with you to your next job interview. Best of luck!


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